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Orcas Seattle Snoqualmie, WA


My wife and I finally got the time to visit Orcas Island, Seattle and Snoqualmie Valley this summer. We’ve been busy with work and school, decided to leave the kids behind and go on our much needed vacation. It was a very healthy recharge for the both of us. I haven’t been able to visit Seattle in almost two years due to relocation.

Our tour guide, Ben Blood. It was interesting being guided through my home town, but we were able to get breakfast and they enjoyed their snobby coffee from Analog on Capital Hill. We didn’t get to spend enough time, but it was good.
The view from the Columbia Tower Starbucks downtown Seattle.
We missed the ferry we wanted to catch due to Seattle procrastination. I snapped this shot of my wife at the Anacortes Ferry Landing.
Washington Ferry heading to Orcas
I was trying to be sneaky, but I suck at that. She caught me.
It was her first time riding a ferry. These boats never get old.
We ventured to Cascade Falls on Orcas. A magical place indeed.

I fell in love with these trees on top of Mount Constitution, so naturally my wife would make a great subject in front of them. What a sport!
The trees on Mount Constitution, Orcas Island.
The view from the top of Mount Constitution, as it progressively moves into sundown. Pictures do it no justice.



The view right across the street from Outlook Hotel of Fishing Bay during the full moon. This looked so much cooler in person. I didn’t bring my tripod, otherwise this would have been a lot cooler. Next time!


Orcas Island ferry landing when catching the red-eye ferry. She looks good in the morning!
After we hiked Rattle Snake Ridge in my home town Snoqualmie, WA. We went up just for the sunset, it was worth it. Had to use some flashlights going down. Thanks to Neff for showing up, good times at Taco Time too! (Thanks for buying).
Snoqualmie Falls from the typical tourist location. This wasn’t enough though, so we had to hop the fence and get closer.
We timed it for sunset, it was insane. You just sort of stand there wondering how this used to be in my backyard and I didn’t go here more.
I had to push Miyamoto to take this photo, nothing new. Good seeing this guy.